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Customs Import/Export Compliance Specialist

Burnaby, BC, Canada

Your tasks and responsibilities:

  • You manage all aspects of customs and export processes for receiving/shipping of product globally, including, but not limited to system transactions, receiving, packing, shipping and logistics.
  • You manage compliance and country regulations and work closely with 3rd party Trade Compliance Managers to ensure all applicable import and export laws are followed.
  • You support/submit export license applications and ensure all license conditions are in compliance.
  • You work with Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders, as required, to resolve any import/export issues that may occur including proactively working with vendors, suppliers, carriers and government agencies to ensure shipments do not get delayed in customs screening process. Respond to compliance related requests as required.
  • You develop and implement export processes, ensuring 100% compliance with export requirements.
  • You ensure all applicable import and export laws are followed.

Your ideal qualifications:

  • You have 3-5 years experience working in an import/export compliance role with an international company.
  • You have working knowledge of tariff and product classification for electronics and their components.
  • You have working knowledge of preferential and non-preferential origin of goods.
  • You have working knowledge of export permit requirements.
  • You have working knowledge of embargo regulations.
  • Ideally, you have experience in a high technology manufacturing environment.
  • You can work in a fast-paced environment and able to respond to multiple deadlines/inquires.
  • You have a proven history of establishing strong relationships with business partners, vendors, and customers.


You will benefit from a variety of professional development options and have the opportunity to be involved in international projects. At our company, people of 15 different nationalities work closely together in five countries. For us, open-mindedness and tolerance pave the way to new ideas.

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